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The Prep
by Rosa

At my old school, I had tons of friends and then my Parents gave me the worst news of my life… I was MOVING!

I had to say bye to all my best friends, which was so hard. I got to my new school and there were these people. You know, they judge you if you are a Geek, Prep, or Normal. Well I made a lot of friends there right away. But this prep, Victoria, was getting really mad because they all liked me more then her. So she wanted to embarrass me and that didn’t take much. Being the new girl, I acted like I wasn’t ever scared or embarrassed.

Anyway, there was this really haunted house. No one had gone into it for a long time, because this old guy had died there. We made this deal: who ever could stay in the house the longest would win. I don’t really remember what the bet was for, but it seemed so important at the time. We were in there for about five minutes, when we started hearing these really weird noises. We tried to ignore them, but later on they just got louder and louder.

An hour later, I had to go to the bathroom really bad, but the bathroom looked really bad. There were red stains all over. I decided to wait. About twenty minutes later, I really had to go to the bathroom, and Victoria said she had to, too.

We went to the bathroom in that nasty room. It was really NASTY. We were fine, but I thought I saw this thing going up and down the hall. Victoria followed it...

I got lonely, so I tried to find her and I couldn’t. I heard a door shut and it sounded really close. I thought she left and I walked out and she wasn’t there, so I thought she just ran home.

I went to school the next day and everyone was asking me who won. I said I did. She was the first one to leave. The next day she wasn’t at school… and the next… and the next… This went on for about three months… I started to wonder if she went to a new school or something. I asked her friends and they said they didn’t know. They hadn’t heard from her since the bet. They told me, if I wanted to see her I would have to go to her house and they gave me her address.

After school, I went to her parents house and asked if she was okay. They said, she hadn’t been home. She was in a institute because she went crazy and was only saying one thing over and over again. They told me the place, so I went and she was saying "they’re following me, they’re coming" over and over again.

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