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The Haunted Village
by Jasmine

Thereís this village in New York called Moravia. This family didnít know anything about it and moved there, but what they didnít know might hurt them.

The town didnít even look nice one bit. No one had a nice house and no one ate cause there wasnít a store or cars to go any where.

That family couldnít find out why.

One night when the daughter was asleep, the mother, father, and son heard her scream. The went to her room, but she was gone!

The family tried to find a sheriff, but he wasnít there. So they went on with their day then at night the mother and father heard the son scream, when they went to his room he was gone too.

They tried looking for a sheriff again and again they couldnít find one so again they went on with their day, but at night they mother was in the kitchen and the father was in the living room.

He heard the mom scream. He went to see what was the matter and she was gone!

So the next day, he went to look for any cop at all to tell them his whole family was gone. He couldnít find any so he went on with his day.

He was in his house and all of a sudden he was walking to a dark scary room. The lights turned on and there everyone was.

They had thrown a surprise Halloween/Birthday party for the father thatís why he couldnít find any one in town. They were too busy making a wonderful party.

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