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The Half-Bloods: Part 1
by Yakuri

The name's Kurusaki. Im 14 and simply boring like the other teens in this city. I've got no friends but like I care (except for a bruty old dog that I sometimes talk to).There's no purpose in life for me except for the weird looking stranger who is known as "the guy next door to the lonely soul" (that's what the computer geeks in my class said).

Anyways I sort of have interest in him, but mom and dad don't let me go near him because they think he is contaminated by a disease since he has one purple eye and one red, but I think that's way awesome.

So one night my parents are heading for the... uh... I don't really know where, but they're leaving me alone all the same. So I decided it was the right time to go and meet him. He let me in his house, which is so far so good I guess. I suddenly heard a girl scream and so maybe that was his sister. I had dinner with him and it wasn't some freaky alien stew or fried tentacles.

No, everything seemed to go fine until I heard a loud man's voice and Raikura (that was his name) pushed me inside this cellar..... FULL OF JARS AND JARS OF.... BLOOD FROM... Uh, actually, I had no idea what the heck they were, but it was blood all the same. A sudden creak came and the door opened just in time for me to be face to face with a young (I guess..18 probably) half skinned guy his skull.... well half of it peered at me ready to KILL! ...

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