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The Clerk
by Sam

Vince wasn't a very superstitious kind of guy. He always thought that everything that people said about the stories of the town were just made up to entertain themselves.

Now Vince was an electrician. And one night in particular, he had to spend two nights on a reservation in Arizona, working on electrical outlets in an unfinished house. Vince was walked to the hotel he planned on staying at and started up a conversation with the person working there...

As soon as the clerk heard where he was working, his expression was contorted into fear. "I hope for your safety, I hope you aren't working on the reservation at night. It will get you if you do," said the clerk.

Vince rolled his eyes knowing that it was just a stupid superstition. This guy was actually talking about werewolves! What a freak, thought Vince.

The next night, Vince was shown where he was to work. He was upset. The outlet was right under a window that hadn't been finished yet. It was just a big whole in the wall. The cold breeze was sure to freeze him, since it was smack in the middle of winter. He moaned and walked to the window to start working.

Nobody was there with him. He was all alone. After he had been working about a half hour, he started hearing rustling in the dirt below the window. Stupid rats, he thought, but deep down he was a bit frightened.

The noises continued, then Vince felt a presence in front of him. A shadow crossed across the floor where he was working. He was almost too scared to look up. He felt his hair stand on end and goose bumps burn his skin. He slowly looked up, his heart banging in his chest. His jaw dropped in fear. He wanted to sprint away, but his muscles wouldn't cooperate.

Staring at him intensely with one terrible gray eye and one terrible blue, a gruesome wolf-like creature stood on its hind legs inches away from him. He felt the thing breathe on him.

His eyes went wide with fear as the thing opened its mouth to speak. It had rough breathing, as if it gasped every time it took a short breath.

It cocked its head to one side and said in a raspy, crackled, high pitched voice voice, "...iiii...sseeee...yyyyoouuuuu..."

Vince saw it smile an evil grin and his spine shivered. He managed to stumble backwards. He grabbed a wrench And started to throw it at the thing, then its eyes glared at him in furious anger. Vince threw it right as it ran away.

He ran to his car and sped back to his hotel in a panicked frenzy. He got back just in time to see the thing standing before him, turn into the clerk of the hotel.

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