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The Boy and the Evil Dog
by Mary

It was late at night here in the city and in the village of Tijuana, there was a young girl named Esmeralda. Esmeralda was supposed to go to a Halloween party her friends invited her to, but she was grounded for staying out late the last night, so she could not go anywhere, but stay in her room. Her parents and the rest of her family were sleeping, so she decided to sneek out and go to the party.

She got dressed and climbed out of her bedroom window where her best friend Josefina was waiting for her. She finally got down and they both ran across the grass to the road. They both were laughing and talking about the party. While they were walking, they saw the haunted house everyone was talking about. They turned around to their right and decided to go inside the house just for a few minutes to see if all the tales they heard about were true. So they ran to the porch and went inside the house.

When they went in, it was very quiet and the door slammed behind them. They both started laughing and Josefina said, "This isn't even scary, it's all made up and...," but before she could say another word, they felt something pass them... something very, very cold. They both could not move a muscle. They turned around and saw something dark, something black with red eyes growling. The two girls, terrified and scared, ran out of the house and back toward their home.

They stopped when they were just a few blocks from their house. In front of them, they saw a boy huddled up in a ball against a wall, shivering. They ran closer and asked where his parents were, but he did not answer. Esmeralda touched him and he was so, so, so cold and the boy looked up with his greenish-redish-brownish eyes looking at Esmeralda. Josifina and Esmeralda backed off a few inches, then Esmeralda took off her Jacket and put it on the boy's shoulders.

The girls walked away and the boy still huddled in a ball against the wall stayed watching them walk. Suddenly, the same black dog or thing appeared behind them. It took one look at the boy and the boy stood up. The dog looked at the girls and charged towards them barking and growling. The girls, screaming, ran to their houses.

The barking of the dog was fading away. They first ran to Esmeralda's house. Josefina begged to stay at her house until morning and then she would leave to go home. So Esmeralda agreed and both climbed the window and were inside Esme's room. She turned on her lamp and sat on the bed. They both agreed to never sneak out again in their lives without permission. Suddenly, she felt something hard on her bottom. She got up and there was the sweater Esmeralda gave to the little boy still cold, like he had just taken it off!

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