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A Boyfriend Incident
Adaption of Dave's, "Strangers"
After Dark
A Long Time Ago in Miami
A Mother's Love
A Night in the Woods
A Night of Deadly Horror
A Night in Gorse Castle
A Story about Cecilia Grey
A Wicked Trick

Back Luck for Jacklin Part 1
Baby Sitting
Beyond The Grave: Melina
Blood Is Dripping
Blood Stained
Bloody Bones
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary by Tanner
Bloody Mary Legend
Bloody Mary: The Real Story
Breakdown in the Highlands
Brink of Insanity
But I... I...

Call from the Grave
Call from the Grave: The Return
Calvorian Street
Chelsea's Doll
Cincera's Story
Cole's Shadow
Cold as Clay
Come and Join Me
Contact with Spirits
Crow Invasion
Curiosity Killed the Cat

Death Road - You're NEXT
Demon Haunting
Dinner for 3. 2. 1. Part 1
Dinner for 3. 2. 1. Part 2
Dinner for 3. 2. 1. Part 3
Do Not Enter The Forest
Dollies Dearest
Don't Look Behind You
Don't Play with Death


For the Love of Halloween

Geepers Creepers
Get to the Light
Ghost of Johanlanden
Gone Insane Part 1
Goodbye Jason

Halloween Night
House of Scary Stuff
How I Got Chuckles
Hungry Hollow Road

I'm Right Here
Is Anyone There?
It isnīt Gold Everything that Shines
It's Rude to Point

Jasmine the Werewolf
Jim Clark
Just a Dream
Stories from the Crypt
Frightening Tales by kids for kids!

art by Dave


Lilly's Diary Part 1
Linda 2

Man in the Car
Midnight at the Break of Dawn
Midnight at the Break of Dawn II
Midnight Hour
Monster Mrs. Creeps
My Ghost Story
My Neighbor's A Vampire! Part 1
My weird and painful ghost story

Never Play with a Ouija Board
Never Stare at the Moon Part 1
Night of the Mutated
Nightmare of Jason

One Finger, One Life
One Halloween Night
Ouija Board


Real or Not
Red Eyes
Red Roses Red Roses
Respect the Dead
Ribbon Ribbon
Right Next to the Closet
Ring Around The Rosie
Rosy Part 1
Rosy Part 2

Sailor suits and Black clothing
Safety First 1
Scratch Scratch
Shadow by the Tracks
Shadow on Halloween
Ship Wreck
Something in a Fog
Something Unknown
Spookie Object in my Wardrobe
Starry Night
Stories of the Vampires
Stormy Night
Story called 'Boo!'

That Old House
The Accident
The Bargain
The Barkley Woods
The Blood Drinker
The Bicycle Ride
The Big Mean Magical Dog
The Book 1
The Book 2
The Boy and the Evil Dog
The Boy with the Bleeding Finger
The Cabin
The Carnival
The Cat
The Changer
The Clerk
The Crazy Carnival
The Dark Road
The Day After Halloween
The Deadly Bones
The Deadly House
The Dog that Cared
The Doll
The Dress
The Dude
The Evil Chihuahua
The Evil Crown
The Factory of Horror
The Fountain
The Ghost
The Ghost of Annie Springer
The Ghost of Annie Springer 2
The Ghost that Haunted a House
The Ghostly Orphanage
The Girl who was Lost in New York
The Graveyard
The Grudge Upon My Light Part I
The Half-Bloods Part 1
The Haunted Cupboard
The Haunted Forest
The Haunted Graveyard
The Haunted House
The Haunted Picture
The Haunted Village
The Haunting
The Haunting of the
House on Main Street

The House
The House by kaitlyn
The House in Montana Part 1
The House Next Door
The House of Darkness Part 1
The House on West Mescal Street
The Hullabaloo
The Jade Necklace Part 1
The King of the Werewolves
The Knocking
The Lady
The Lost Kingdom
The Lost Kingdom 2
The Man Book One
The Mystery of Elizabeth's Ribbon 1
The Mysterious House
The Noise
The Old House Across the Street
The Prep
The Prison in the Sea
The Prom
The Psychic Computer
The Reaper
The Reaper: Asogio
The Reaper: The Contract
The Red Ribbon
The Sahora Tree
The Secret of the Vampire
The Scarecrow
The Shepherds Daughter
The Silent Follower
The Statue
The Story
The Stranger
The String
The Survivor
The Thing
The Thing
The Ugly Outfit
The Uninvited
The Vanishing
The Vampire Breath
The Vampire Girl
The Vampires House
The Victim of an Unrighteous Murder
The Wind in Her Hair
The Wishing Well Part One
The Woman in Red
The Scary Touch
The Thing
The Two Skeletons
The Youghurt Factory
There once was a boy named Davey
Thirteens Vampire
This Story is True
Thump, Clang
Time to Die: Melina
Turning Part 1
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Two Brothers
Two Witches on the Tree

Under the Stairs

Weirdo Part 2
Weirdo Part 3
Weirdo Part 4
Weirdo Part 5
Weirdo Part 6
What Became of Veronica Louis? 1: Veronica's Story
What Became of Veronica Louis? 2: Veronica's Story
What Became of Veronica Louis?: The Diary
When Best Friends Turn
When The Lights Went Dark
Where's Chuck?
Where's Chuck 2
Where's Chuck 3
Where's Chuck 4
Who's Knocking on the Door

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