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by Lasca

Those of the faint heart...DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING!

I remember it... so well... like yesterday.

I remember the wind, cold, harsh, and spiraling around me. I remember the Silence, I was surrounded by my Best Friends, all laughing and chattering on either side of me, but... I remember the trees, so ... so Grey looking. They're green tinge horribly...gone. I don't know how to explain it, it was just gone… but most of all, I remember the... Stillness...

My friends were laughing and talking, but it was dull and felt foreign to my ears, I wasn’t listening. We were walking down the road, towards the Bus stop, me and my best friends, Annie, Ruth, Madelyn, Jordan, Megan, and Brittany.

Jordan, Megan and I actually went to Middle School, so we took an earlier bus, but we all walked together. I had a strange feeling; It had been...haunting me, since I got up. I had that feeling that screamed inside you, squeezed your heart.

It screamed; Lasca! Don't Go! Something’s Happening! You know it! It's scaring you, whatever it is! STOP! But usually whenever you get that feeling it’s all for nothing, so I tried to Ignore it, but as I neared the bus stop, the protesting got louder, the squeezing tighter, till I couldn't walk.

My friends talking and laughing blew dully with the whipping wind, and I sucked in deep breaths and tried to calm myself. It was so dumb, to feel so afraid. Of Nothing. Nothing at all, it was nothing at all.

But it was there. It was terribly there, waiting. Grasping my heart with such a clutch I almost sat down on the side walk. Nothing.

“Lasca? Lasca!” Jordan.

“Lasca are you ok?” Annie.

“You’re so…pale.” Megan.

“ Lasca!” Brittany.

Ruth sighed. Madelyn tried to help me up from my hunch, the hunch that my body had moved itself into so that I couldn’t feel the arm, of the hand clutching my heart, cold and greedy.

“I’m fine, I just feel… odd.”

Then it went back to talking while I tried to keep up, and at some point we got to the Bus Stop. The Middle School bus arrived and I tripped up the stairs and stumbled. I landed on top of the driver.

“Sorr-“ I started. The hand with the grip on my heart gave a huge yank. I almost ran off the bus. No. No. No. NO. It couldn’t be… But It was. I almost ran, but I didn’t. What about my friends. I stayed. I swallowed.

“Sorry, I’m such a klutz.” I managed to mumble out.

The Driver gave me a sweet smile, a knowing smile. But It Wasn’t. It couldn’t be. Because it was him. He had found me. Even though I hid so well…he had found me.

“It’s ok. I’m not so great at walking either.” He chuckled. His voice was too sweet.

I walked back, past my friends as I passed I handed them a note, one I’d been saving just in case. I couldn’t endanger them. I chose a seat at the back. The last seat I’d probably ever take.

The note I passed read:

Dear Friend(s), If you’re reading this, something inexplicably bad has happened. We’ll most likely be on a bus. Get off at the next stop, say you lost something and you need to go back home. The other’s bus stops at every stop we do except the last. Get on and let them read this too. Then you must promise me you’ll all go home.

There is something too horrible to explain here, and please don’t look at me while you read this, nor should you look at anyone who is inexplicably gorgeous. He’ll probably be the bus driver. Don’t look them in the eye, please. I will miss you all so much, no this is not a joke. Please, please believe me. Please remember me.

Love ( with all my heart) - Lasca

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