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Starry Night
by Gracie

Have you ever seen a ghost? Well I have. I was 10 years old, we were FINALLY moving to a farm in the country.

"Violet, lets go. I wanna see the farm before Christmas!"

"Chill Carly we will get there geez!"

I'm Violet my sister Carly has serious issues, control issues. I was packing up my secret art work so I could move it to the new house. I was feeling under the bed, but I couldn't reach it, it was all Carly's fault. I was drawing when my sister blew open the door and yelled. Something about how I left the milk out, but I threw my drawings under my bed and they slid to the wall.

I know what you're thinking: Carly and I always fight, we don't. We love each other, but it's just that sometimes, we wanna kill each other.

Aha I got them. My drawings. I raced down stairs and threw the drawings in the box before anyone saw. Nobody knows I draw and lets keep it that way okay?

* * *

We just got to the farm when I noticed someone was out back. They smiled and disappeared. I gasped but know one seemed to notice suddenly I was blindfolded, by my family.

I was thrown in a closet. I stood up and walked out the door without opening it? I realized we crashed the car and we were all dead. My family didn't want me to know.

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