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Ship Wreck
by Abby

My sister and I where in our safe underground spot when the tornado hit at about 12:30pm. Our parents where out on a business trip for 2 days in Tokyo, so I was left to baby sit my little sister. About an hour after, the tornado left and the clouds cleared up to reveal the sun. Since it was a warm day and we live right around the corner from the beach I decided to drive there because my sister was always asking mum and dad if they could take her.

As soon as I parked the car I noticed it, the MASSIVE ship wreck washed up because of the storm! It was so big it was almost 10 stories up and about as wide as the Titanic, luckily there was no one else on the beach. My little sister ran straight for it because she thought that it would be fun to play on, but I didn't think it was safe so I ran straight after her to try and get her back.

We both ran straight into the shipwreck and couldn't believe our eyes, it was big and ancient inside like a massive haunted house! I told my sister that we should probably leave, but the sky was gray and strong winds started blowing, then I remembered that mum told me that when a tornado leaves, stay underground because it always comes back.

My sister and I found a small whole in the floor which led directly to the underneath engine (which of course did not work) the tornado hit the ship and swept it away deep out to sea.

Suddenly we heard noises from upstairs, banging and growling noises, then we new that we were not alone on this ship.

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