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Rosy Part 1
by Taylor

Once, not long ago, there lived a small, happy family. There was a Mom, a Dad, and their beautiful young daughter, Rosy. Rosy's parents were very loving to her, and cared for her with every inch of their heart. But sadly, on Rosy's 12th birthday, she fell very ill. Her parents could tell she would not make it through the night. And sure enough, by midnight, she was gone. A funeral was held for her and her parents were allowed to bury her right in the forest near the lake where they used to splash and play.

Years after, Rosy "returned". Her ghost journeyed through the woods and back home to her beloved parents. She walked up to a window and poked her head in. She saw her parents in her old room, looking tearfully at a picture of her. "I can't believe she's gone. She was just too young!" Her mother sniffed into her father's sleeve. "I know, Elaine. I miss her too. We just have to remember she's in a better place," her father replied. Rosy's ghost sniffed and a ghostly tear fell down her cheek. "Mama, Papa, I'm home!" she said. No one even looked her way. "Mama! Papa! I'm home!" she tried again. "George, did you hear that?" Elaine asked. "Yes! Yes I did Elaine!" her father replied. They turned and saw her. "Oh Honey! We've missed you so! Happy birthday dearest!" her parents sniffed and cried.

Birthday...? Rosy wondered. She checked the calender, and sure enough, it was her birthday. "Thank you. I miss you both. Now I did have something I wanted to do..." Rosy said, frantically searching for something. "What is it dear?" Her parents asked. "Oh, found it!" Rose said. She made her way into the house. In her hand, gleaming in the sunlight was a... knife!

"Honey, what are you doing?" Elaine asked. "Ooh, something I should've done the minute I became a spirit!" Rosy said. "This way, we'll always be together!" Rosy said, and stabbed her parents both in the chest. They dropped to their knees and within minutes died. "Sorry Mama and Papa, but this way we'll always be together, and you won't have to miss me!" Rosy said, and disappeared slowly, with ominous evil laughter.

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