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Return to Call from the Grave
by Tiff

We always get spooky houses. I remember when we had that house by a graveyard. My sister was found dead with my neighbors and a dug up grave.

It seemed strange that she heard call from the grave. She was sweet, who would kill her?

We were going to move back to that house. It scared me. Well here we go.

It was perfect. We had new neighbors, I had new friends, the house was beautiful.

"Time for dinner," my mom yelled.

We had a good dinner that night. The thing was I didn't want to sleep alone. I did anyway. Then I heard the call from the grave. I went to the grave yard.

When I went to the graveyard I saw my sister. "LOOK OUT," she shrieked with her eyes wide. I quickly ducked only to see an ax being swung over my head.

"FOLLOW ME," she yelled.

I did as I was told. We ran for what seemed like hours. We stopped abruptly behind a tree. My sister patiently waited for me to catch my breath.

After I was done, she spoke. "We are not dead for ever," she said gently. “We can be saved and come home, our fate is in your hands," she said.

"How can I help?" I asked, "I would love to bring you home."

"Well, we need a person to take our place, such as a sister," she said giving me an evil smile. Petrified in fear I passed out.

When I woke up, I saw thousands of ghost. I was tied to a piece of wood… then all of the ghosts stepped aside. I looked at the opening and saw a ghost carrying an ax. Oh no, I thought, I'm going to die.

I heard a voice say, "I cannot let you do it. She's my sister."

Out came my sister mad and mean. "Everyone" she yelled "the guy with the ax is not a ghost. He killed us for fun."

Then I heard discussion and they all shouted out, "long live the killer, long live the killer." They chanted again and again. The killer took off the ghost costume and took the ax with all his might and killed me.

I woke up. I looked down and saw my dead body there. "It's over we can go home," said my sister. All of the sudden a light appeared. We all floated toward the sky. I looked around spas, all you can eat food, tanning, anything from your happiest dreams.

"Where are we," I asked.

"Heaven," she said. We both walked into the gates.

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