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Respect the Dead
by Katy

"Ellie!" mom shouted, "stop 'talking' to the spirits and clean your room!"

"Mom, Michael says you aren't nice to me and that you are gonna pay," Ellie said walking into the kitchen and stuffing leftover pizza from last night in her mouth.

"Who's Michael? A boyfriend?" mom wondered.

"No, he's the little boy who died in the apartment across from us about two weeks ago.

"Honey, he's dead and you are not talking to him and I want you to clean your room. NOW!"

“You will pay," a demented voice that came from inside Ellie, but wasn't her. "Next time, respect the dead!"

Half a decade later, Ellie is living with her father in northern Ontario and going to therapy sessions every week. "Dad, I have been here five years and I haven't done one bad thing. I would like to stop going to therapy."

"I am sorry Ellie, but until you are legally an adult, you have to go. The court said so. Get ready for school."

Ellie angrily sighed and kicked down a lamp. She grabbed her book bag and ran outside. She got on her skateboard and rode all the way to school.

"So Ellie," the cheer captain Sam started, "I heard you have a crush on Zack Manard. Is it true?"

"Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Why do you care?"

"Because, hon, Zack hardly ever talks about you when your not around. But he talks about me like he's giving an oral report on everything I do."

"Zack's my best friend and he wouldn't diss me like that." Ellie caught sight of Zack and called him over. Zack headed over to Ellie and sat down next to her.

"What's up Ellie?"

"Nothing-” Sam dropped her whole lunch on Ellie and started laughing, and so did everyone else in the cafeteria.

"Even you Zack?" Ellie asked and nearly started crying. But being sad changed to being mad in quite a hurry. Ellie started to change. Not emotions. She is changing to a different species. Horns started to grow out of her head. She grew a spiked tail and a wolf snout.

"Next time," Ellie said, "Respect the dead." And she stared at Sam and instantly Sam caught on fire.

Everyone started screaming and running for the doors. But they all slammed shut with Ellie's mind. Zack started trying to calm Ellie down by talking to her and telling her that Michael wouldn't want this. The name brought her to an even bigger rage and she grabbed Zack and shoved him in her mouth and started chewing and then swallowed. Next thing she knew, the school was burnt down and there were no survivors.

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