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Red Eyes
by Bethany

There was a man called John who was driving to his sisters house for her birthday. He was nearing a run down hotel when his engine blew. He got out of the car into the cold to look at the damage but he couldn't get the hood up because it was frozen down. Since the hotel was a couple of meters away he decided to go see if it was open.

The man was waiting at the reception desk waiting for the elderly lady to hand him his room key. She came out from the back room and handed him his key. "Just remember," she called after him. "Do not look in room 26." The man being very suspicious, decided to have a little look in the room before he goes to bed.

After the elderly woman's room light went out the man snuck over to the door and tried to open it. The door was locked but there was a keyhole. The man bent over and looked through the keyhole. He saw a woman over in the back corner in a long white dress facing the wall. after a couple of minutes the man got bored so he went to bed.

The next morning the man packed all his stuff and on his way to the reception desk he looked through the keyhole again. This time when he looked all he could see was red. He thought that the lady found out he looked so she covered the keyhole up.

"Umm. Excuse me," said the man to the lady before she disappeared. "Did you cover the keyhole up at room 26?" the man asked. "Did you look in the keyhole?" asked the lady. The man, being ashamed of himself, looked down at his feet and didnít answer. "Well obviously you did so I might as well tell you the story.Ē

"Once there was this beautiful young lady who stayed in that room years ago. She was about to get married when her fiance came in and said he was seeing someone else. He called the wedding off. She was so devastated that she hung herself in the back corner of room 26. Now if you look through the keyhole you can see her in a wedding dress standing in the corner. The next time you go past she is waiting for you. She will look through the keyhole with her red eyes waiting for someone else to propose to her so she can drag them down to hell."

The man looked at the woman and started to scream. He ran out of the hotel and was never seen again.

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