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Real or Not?
by Jessie C.

My name is Jessie and my story happened 3 years ago when I was nine.

My best friend and I were with my Mom at a hotel. My Mom said we could share a room together and she would take the room next to ours.

We were going up when my friend heard the guy say "I feel sorry for you."

We turned around and I said "Why?"

He replied "You have the same room that a young lady was murdered in. Everyone that has ever been in that room even for a little bit has had something strange happen to them"

Kylie looked at me and then at the man, he looked very solemn, no smirk or anything.

We then went on up to our room and decided he was just trying to freak us out. A second later after that was said, the door slammed shut, the thing was no windows were open, and we had already shut the door.

Later that same day we were in our room unpacking for a three night stay when we heard someone scream, it sounded so close.... We went to my Mom and asked if she had heard anything, she said she didn't hear a thing.

This went on all the while that we were there, at night we would her people come into the room, or the door would slam, blankets were ripped off of the bed on the last night we stayed.

As we were checking out the man asked if we had heard anything or seen anything, we said yes. He looked at us and slowly asked "What are your initials I mean both of your first names?

We answered "J and K."

"I knew it!" he exclaimed, "Everyone who has ever gone into that room had those initials, and those were the same initials of the lady. Janine Katherine."

Real or not?

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