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Ouija Board
by Rosa

I loved my house. It was the best. I never thought something would go wrong until my 11th birthday.

I had all of my friends come over to spend the night. We were playing Ouija Board - the game where you can talk to spirits. Anyway, we thought it was just a fun game to play and then my friend Ashley was making fun of it and saying that it was just a game and that it wasn’t real.

We all thought it was real… so, when she went to the bathroom, we called two of her best friends that loved embarrassing her. Their names were Austin and Greg. We made this plan to lock her in the closet as a joke... Well, everyone knew that someone died in my house a long time ago. That person got murdered. Ashley didn’t know about it.

Greg asked her if she would go with him in the closet to make out, she didn’t know that he was kidding. Ashley really liked Greg, so she said okay. She went into the closet and was going to make out, then Greg said that he had to go pee. He told her to stay in the closet and he would be right back. She said okay.

Me [Rosa], Brooke, and Austin put a chair against the door so she couldn’t get out. She started screaming. We wouldn’t let her out. We told her that she had to say that the board was real, so she said it was a true board. We took the chair out, but the door wouldn’t open.

We thought she was joking because there wasn’t a lock. She kept on screaming and we asked her if she is just trying to scare us, but she said that she wasn’t. We started to believe and yanked on the door. It opened and she was all scratched up and dead. She looked like God in the movie "Passion of Christ."

We got freaked out and called 911. They said they thought we did it. Everyone got in trouble even Austin. He got put in jail because he said he did it so we wouldn’t get in trouble.

The next day he was found dead in the jail cell!

True Story

Don’t worry only Ashley and Austin Died!

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