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Nightmare of Jason
by Ariel

Once there was a little 8 year old boy named Josh. He was the type of person who doesn't get scared very easily. It was the end of school and he was walking home. While he was, he felt a hand brush up against his shoulders and heard a person moan. But like I said he didn't get scared and just kept on going.

When he got home, his mom was there and started talking to her about Halloween. This year he was going to be batman. But there was this one villain that he could not stand and was terrified of. That person was, Jason. He would always have nightmares about him. He didn't want his friends to know that he was actually scared of something so he didn't watch any scary movies what so ever.

But there was this one night when his friends pushed him into watching a scary movie. So of course he did because he didn't want to be the person who was stuck up and what not. So they were searching for a movie when they came upon 'Freddy vs. Jason'. His friends really wanted to watch it so they did. He got terrified because he thought they would think he was a loser.

When they got right in the middle of the movie the fight started between Jason and Freddy. That's when he got really scared. The house was on fire and they had swords swinging all around. There was even a little blood. His friends were all screaming in amazement but he was about to wet his pants. When his friends went home, he was glad so they didn't know he was terrified of everything.

When he went to bed he had a horrifying dream. He was the person who was going against Jason. Now he thought he was in trouble because he is a very heavy sleeper and there was nothing he could do to get out of this. So he fought Jason in a house of fire just like in the movie. He knew he wanted to beat him so he wouldn't get scared any more.

He never really knew what he acted like until he saw the movie. He was violent but he saw he wasn't as bad as he thought he was with all of the blood in the movie. He finally realized that he was basically scared of nothing. He was just a guy who looked scary in his freaky looking costume, weapons all over, and a scary mask. He kind of felt embarrassed when he figured out he was basically a fake.

So when the fight started, they both had their weapons. Jason had a big butcher knife and Josh only had a sword. They came charging at each other when boom the sword went right on the side of Jason cutting him on the side. Jason didn't pay any attention to the pain he just wanted to defeat Josh. The second time they came charging at each other it was even more serious than the first time. Because this time the sword went right through Jason killing him to his death.

He was thankful he didn't get a mark on him. But then again it was a nightmare that he will never forget. It was morning finally when his mom came in to wake him up to go to school. When he got to school, he told all of his friends about his nightmare about defeating Jason and how he was a fake person anyway. He also told them that before he had the nightmare he was terrified of Jason. But he made them keep that as a secret.

Josh learned something that night. One that you can always trust your friends, two if you believe in yourself you can always conquer your fears when you live them. For now on for every Halloween He invites all of his friends to his house, Watches any scary movie that they want to and He retells his fear with Jason and how he had the horrifying nightmare defeating Jason to his death.

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