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Mrs. Creeps
by Angela

It was my first year at Burning Bones High School. It was a horribly creepy school, but the worst thing about it was my science teacher.

She was always wearing a different costume too grusome to describe. Her classroom was decorated with real human and dog bones. She had an upside down cauldron as a desk, a wooden spoon as her pointing stick and chalk made out of ground up dead peoples teeth. Her only rule was never ever show up early. This rule bewildered me and the rest of the kids, but we obeyed it with no questions, until Halloween morning.

You could say that we were all so excited that we just ran into the classroom, but once we got inside there was a dead silence, because right in front of everybody was Mrs. Creeps turning into her next costume, but lukily she was asleep.

The only problem was that while everybody silently filed out of the classroom "silently" I was frozen in fear thinking about why she transformed into these costumes, when all of a sudden THE BELL RANG!

This sound made the hair on my bare hobbit feet stick up. As I stood there unable to move and defenseless, Mrs. Creeps stood up mumbling something like "bimbly bumbly don`t break my bones, just turn me back into stone".

She stopped as soon as she saw me. Thankfully she didn`t do anything to me because she didn`t have the time, for all the kids walked in after a minute or two.

Later on that day she told the class that tomorrow was pet day and that everybody was to bring their pet. I didn`t have a pet, so I didn`t bring one, but that didn`t pay off for she asked me to stay in with her during the first recess.

I watched everybody file out quickly in despair. After every one was out, she sang an odd sounding song to me, as I grew more and more hair and smaller and smaller. I had turned into a dog!

When the rest of the class had come in, Mrs. Creeps picked me up and walked to the front of the room and told the class that I had to leave, so I gave her my dog.

Unfortunatly every one believed her and forgot about me and because I was an orphan no one was able to ask my family if I really had moved.

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