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by Kristen

Hi, I'm Kristen and this is a true story. This girl named Morgan was a rude and selfish girl and she got EVERYTHING she wanted. One day she asked her parents for something and they said no. Later that night she got really mad and I mean REALLY mad. She was so selfish that she ran away. Everybody was searching for her. But on t.v. she was pronounced dead. She was actually my cousin.

So one day I went out to investigate. I came upon a weird green house. I am a really bad scaredy cat, but I was brave - I have to admit, I did bring my dog. So I went in and I found footprints of blood and they were not human sized feet, so I just went my way into the house. I saw a weird blue light and I followed it.

It led into this room with my dead cousin in it. I gasped and my dog ran out of sight. I heard a whimper and then nothing. I saw a different light and I followed it and I saw a HUGE purple monster and my dog was in it's mouth! I screamed and it chased me down the stairs and I finally got out of that house.

I told my parents everything and they grounded me for lieing, but I WAS telling the truth and when I was sleeping I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw it eat my parents. I ran to the police station and I told them everything, but they also thought I was crazy, so I just went to my uncle Kieth's house. He actually believed me, so we lived away from the monster and in peace or did we?

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