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Midnight at the Break of Dawn II
by Megan G.

Riya got married a few weeks after Ray’s death.

“Ha,” said Ranoy, after a morning at Mon-o-te and Master Cory’s Training Corner in Boston Massachusetts.

“Roy, you’re funny,” said Riya. Riya went to her room and sang “Dia de Enero“.

Roy went to his house (next door to Riya) and saw a person sitting in the living room chair. It was Ray. Roy stayed in the front door. Ray got closer and closer and closer, and then he grabbed Roy and threw him down. Roy hit the ground in pain.

6 Weeks later, after Riya came home from the hospital with her new baby, she saw a note that said: “Dear Riya, Roy will not be here today. Love, Ray.“

Riya looked up. She had anger in her eyes. She had thought Roy dumped her and wrote this note and put Ray’s name at the bottom.

Riya said, "Why I…,” the phone rang. She picked it up. "Hello?" she said.

"Hello?" she heard hard breathing.

She said "Hello," with fear.

"HELLO?" she said again.

Finally she heard “Help Me” in the background. She dropped the phone. She left.

When she came back, before she got inside, she took a deep breath, and unlocked the door hoping that this had all been a dream. When she opened the door, no one was there. She put the baby down. Baby Isabella walked to Roy’s car. She touched it and began to cry.

Riya quickly turned around. She picked the baby up and put her on the other side of her. Riya looked at the car. It had blood on the side.

She quickly ran into Roy’s house (the door was open) she stopped, she saw a note that said: “In hospital from:…” There was no name after from.

Riya took Isabella and drove to the hospital. She saw Roy there. She said to the doctor, “What happened?”

The doctor said, “He got in a car crash.”

Riya thought, ‘That’s why there was blood on Roy’s car.’ She left the room after saying bye to Roy for the night. After she left, Roy died.

When Riya came back, she saw no one in room 1262. She asked "Where is Roy?”

In an angry voice, the doctor said "Roy’s gone".

"WHERE,” Riya said."

“Up there,” said the doctor.

Riya said, “No I can’t lose him. Ray and now, Roy? This is not fair.” I just had a baby and the father dies. Riya cried. So Isabella started to cry too.

At Roy’s funeral Riya said, “Everyone, why do we have to go throw this? Losing our loved ones because God sees the good in them, and wants them to be his? Well Roy is such a sweet man and he died in a car crash. Roy and Ray, the best boys in my life, are gone. Thank you all.”

Riya got down and tripped on the last step and broke her leg. When Riya got home she saw a note that said, “Dear Riya, I love you and I’ll take care of your husband and my brother Roy. Love Ray.”

Riya looked up and smiled. She said softly, “They are brothers.”

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