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by Madi

One day Robart went to the pet shop and he bought a dog. He didnít know what to name it. They went home and Robart looked up on the internet "NAMES FOR A DOG." There were a few interesting names like "lazerbeem,or bubbles," but he just picked a simple name "lue." Robart went to the store and left Lue home. He went to Petco and bought a bed, food and toys for him. When Robart came home Lue was asleep. When Lue woke up she was excited to see him, Robart fed Lue. After that they went to sleep in their beds. After 30 years later Robart was 79 about to turn 80 in 3 days.

It was amazing how long Lue was living and Robart, Robart was still capable to do alot of things and one thing was to drive, so one day Robart took Lue with him to his 70 year old cousins birthday... when they got almost out of there long steep cliff driveway they went off the cliff and got in a bad wreck...they had both survived but both of them were rushed to the hospital, Robart had minor injuries but they had to replace Lues legs with metal sticks with wheels on the end so when she rolled around they made this very annoying squeaky sound like "SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAKKKKKEEE WWWAAAAAAHHAAA!!!" But Robart didnít mind - he loved Lue.

After the surgery on Lue it had been 8 months and Lue had past away of a brain tumor...every night when Robart went to sleep... without Lue being in the house he would hear the squeaking of Lues metal wheel legs rolling around everywhere and her soft gentle bark and when he would wake up for a small late night snack he could feel Lue right against his leg as if she still existed.

A couple days later Robart decided he was a little lonely with Lue not being there so in the afternoon on a sunny Saturday, he went to the same pet store were he got Lue except there were different workers there because the other ones either got fired, laid off, past away or quit, but anyways he got there and didnít know if he wanted to go through the death of a dog he loved again or if he should just get a cat. Of course he didnít want Lue to to feel replaced because Lue kind of still was alive I guess... Robart decided to get a cat.

They were on the way home when Robart stopped at a red light and saw the sign of a street called "Charleston". Robart decided he would name the cat that. They got home. Robart forgot about the cat food so he ran to the store and grabbed kitty chow a bed and some kitten toys even now he was an old adult cat in cat years he would be at least 70 and in people years he would be I donít know 10. When Robart got home he had a feeling that Lue wasnít very happy. He could just feel sorrow madness and love all mixed together... Charleston was a sweet old yellow and brown mixed together cat and needed a good home where he had space to wonder a little but mostly rest cause he was old. Robart was not planning on giving the cat back to the store or to a family that had kids that threw the poor old cat against the wall not knowing better.

Usually when Robart came home from somewhere he would feel or hear Lue barking but this time when Lue had realized there was another animal in her home he became mad at Robart and he didnít feel or hear anything. He began to call out Lue's name and snapping his fingers for her soul to come here but nothing just the sound Charlston purring against the leg of Robart's recliner or leg. Robart became sorry because he knew he shouldnít have got another animal and brought to the house he loved Lue more than anything. She could never be replaced ever. He thought to himself, "maybe he should give the cat to another family," but then another thought came up in his head, "OH LUE ISN'T HERE ANYMORE. SHE ISN'T. COME ON ROBART STOP BEING CRAZY YOU FOOL YOU FOOL!" He felt as if someone was living in the back of his head and was talking to him. He decided maybe he should give him to another family.

That evening just before sundown he made a sign saying "70 year old cat for sale old fat lazy needs calm non active home," and hung it at the end of his driveway for people to see when they drove by. He would have given it back to the pet store but they had a policy - no returning the pets.

The next day he made appointments with 5 people for the cat to see if it was a good home for him to go live in or not. The first interview was with 40 year old Shar Clark and her 43 year old husband Berry Clark his neighbors and he put them on the list of "HOMES FOR CHARLSTON." The next interview was with some people who lived out of town in Sacramento which was about a couple hours away from were he had lived. Their names were Marilyn, John, Rony, Caitlyn and Julia ages 30, 32, 12, 17 and 4. They said they loved going to the lake and fun places like that. Robart scowled at the family and yelled didnít you read the sign lady "NON ACTIVE FAMILY." He said then he said again with a louder voice "MAYBE NEXT TIME GRANDMAMA." THEY ALL RAN OFF TO THE CAR.

The next couple with a kid seemed perfect, a 13 year old a 40 year old and a 25 year old a kid that understood not to throw or abuse the cat and the perfect adults that were mostly always home. He said to them, ďIf you receive a call from me you get the cat. The next day they received the call saying they get the cat. They were excited they met at his house and off went the cat to its new home. It seemed happier to have a kid in the family. When Robart walked inside he felt that Lue was happy and glad the cat was gone and it was just Robart and Lue. Ever since that day, Robart never really felt LUE AROUND ANYMORE. HE THOUGHT MAYBE SHE HAD GONE TO HEAVEN, but it was weird because he felt she was around only on Fridays and Wednesdays. He thought to himself hmmm maybe god gave her a schedule to come visit me!

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