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by Sarah

One day there was a little girl named Lucy and her parents went away on a 4 day cruise. She was left in the house with her evil babysitter. Her babysitter had invited all of her friends and had a party. Lucy tried to convince the babysitter not to, but the babysitter just didn't listen. The Babysitter left to go to her boyfriends house and left Lucy alone while she was locked up in her room.

Meanwhile Lucy had been on the computer online chatting with one of her friends, Stacey. Stacey had lived in the community also but was grounded so couldn't come over. Stacey told Lucy that in the community there had been sightings of a deranged killer who would break into peoples houses and would slaughter their victims, but surely, Stacey reassured Lucy, she was safe.

Lucy hadn't heard anymore music, but didn’t pay any mind to it. She heard the door open, but thought it was just the people leaving the party. She began to hear footsteps coming up the stairs. She thought it was a couple looking for a room. She yelled nope the rooms are closed, but to her shock it wasn't a couple. It was a man dressed in a long heavy jacket, a scar on his left eye and one of her mom’s knives in his hand.

Lucy stood there in disbelief. The man began running towards her. Lucy quickly began running out to her room, but it was too late. He grabbed her by her ankles and dragged her away from her room. She screamed and scratched the floor. Her nails began to get ripped off her fingers. The man threw everything off the kitchen table and slowly bent down to Lucy's ear and whispered, “you should of went with your parents Lucy, and now you will pay for it.“

Lucy was never heard again and nobody solved the mystery... all that was left were the chipped finger nails on the floor.

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