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The Lost Kingdom Part I - Search for the Fire
by Tiff


The great king was ready for his party. He had a new guest from a far away land coming. He put on his best outfit and went to a his throne. The gold walls with jewels seemed to be extra bright tonight. The doors opened and a very horrid looking man came through. He was dressed in very baggy clothing and was very short and boney.

The king let the party go on from that day. At the end of the celebration the tribe went to the temple only to find blood and a single curse. The temple was no longer safe to enter and anyone who did would be found dead. After that the strange man was never seen again. The king ordered him to be killed if anyone saw him.

One night the stars spoke: "One with fire will be savior and your people and temple will be saved." The king had no idea but the star warriors had spoken the one who holds fire would be savior and save all.

The Lost Kingdom

Chapter 1

Lion of the Tribe of the Wild was out on an everyday mission. Her task was to collect water for the water near the camp had dried out. Lion was very hot and the desert in front of her seemed to stretch into infinity.

She had walked for many miles and finally found a stream. Lion shoved her face in and drank. She then took out the bags to carry the water in and headed back. Lion then tripped over something. A piece of gold and what looked like jewel in it. Lion slipped it into the pocket in her shirt.

She later that night looked and on the back discovered some strange writing. It said: "yesdd djdk dklsk.djkj jfgjkf qadhgkl." Though it was a strange language she could translate it to herself: "Only one with the name of a mighty beast with a mane can discover the gates. Only then will she discover her true power." Lion had found a clue to the lost world.

Chapter 2

Lion had been following the trail suddenly the trail led to a castle. Ruins everywhere, bones and a piece of a wall was missing, then chanting, "yesdd djdk dklsk.djkj jfgjkf qadhgkl," over and over again.

With a jolt Lion woke up. The dream had seemed so real. Lion couldn't stop thinking about the dream. At the end of the day she had decided to walk where she had in her dream. She grabbed a gallon of water and left at midnight. She was on her way to the sacred power.

Chapter 3

Lion had walked for many hours. Eventually she came to a gate where beyond it were many ruins. Suddenly a skeleton became a full human. "Welcome, come for the stars await you," it said. Lion followed it to a cave. In the cave a small pool of water was in the center. Lion took a drink of it and fell asleep and had a dream.

Many ancient warriors walked forward. One spoke the strange language but Lion understood.

"Young one you are destined to be our savior. I give you the power of fire which you need to save the souls trapped." One said.

The warrior stuck his sword into Lion and Lion soon felt power. She stuck out her hand and realized she could use the power of fire! The warrior spoke again, "you must go to the castle to find the king. He will tell you all you need to know. Since you have the power of fire your name is no longer Lion it is now Lionfire. You are savior of the kingdom. Go to the castle save us."

Suddenly Lionfire woke up. She faced the exit of the tunnel. Lionfire knew what she had to do. She had to save the ancient souls and help them join the star warriors.

"I'm the fire that will save the people," she whispered to herself.

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