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Linda 2
by Isha

After a few weeks, someone crazy took off those ''Do not cross'' signs and the address. He changed it into 14B. Nobody noticed it was the same house. He put the ''Do not cross'' signs on a different house that was going to be sold the other day. But something seemed suspicious about that person. Why would he or she do that?!

The next day, a girl moved in. Her name was Roxanne! She was kinda scared about the house that was mistaken as the haunted one.

''I'm scared...what happened to the house next?'' asked Roxanne.

''Oh, don't worry about it....TRUST me.'' said the person. And she did.

''Oh okay...*looks around* WOW! This house is in great condition!'' exclaimed Roxanne.

''Perfect! I knew you will love this house!'' said the housekeeper.

''What's your name again?'' asked Roxanne.

''Dianne. (Die-anne)'' replied the person.

''Beautiful name! Well, goodbye now!'' said Roxanne.

''Bye and THANKS! I'll be sure to visit soon!'' said Dianne.

Then she left.

Then Roxanne put in her furniture. ''Aah, feel so comfortable!'' squealed Roxanne. She walked up the stairs, sat in her bed, and starting watching TV. She felt so relaxed.


a ghost appeared... it was Linda. She seemed MAD... I mean REALLY REALLY mad! So, she walked to Roxanne invisible, Roxanne was on her computer applying for another job, night shift. Linda appeared Behind her laptop... the moment she looked up she screamed.


''...Linda, the LAST person who lived here. I haunt this place.'' replied Linda.

''Wait..LINDA? I heard of you..don't you haunt the other house 13?'' asked Roxanne suspiciously.

''This IS 13'' said Linda.

''No, it's NOT!'' exclaimed Roxanne.

''Yes, it IS!'' exclaimed Linda.

On, and on, they went.


''Okay, fine it is. I just don't understand. It says 14 on the-'' Roxanne said cut-off.

''Someone must of changed it!'' exclaimed Linda.

''Well, NOW ENOUGH! It's the end of YOU,'' said Linda.

''Grr. NO IT'S NOT,'' she said fast.

She got up running, taking her phone out of her pocket, and dialing the police. She got out of the house just in time. She was trapped inside the house! But... but the police never believed her.

She panted.

She wheezed.

''I'm never going in there again..ever,'' Roxanne whispered to herself.

But two things came up in her head..Who changed the 13 into 14 and why!

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