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by Isha

There was a girl named Linda. She was just moving a house. House 13B. 13 stands for the house number and B stands for her dad's name. The house was haunted. Linda never knew... YET! Well, let the story BEGIN!

“Aaah I just LOVE this comfy cozy house!” Exclaimed Linda.

“Oh okay...Goodbye,” said the housekeeper.

“Goodbye!” said Linda.

After she unpacked she walked to this couch and decided to take a rest, a long one. So she slept. While she was sleeping she heard a giggle, she was surprised and got up. She looked under the couch and saw nothing. She thought she has loose bolts. When she sat on her couch, she saw a ghost looking at her. She screamed and ran out of her house.

She bumped into her friend at the town.

“Hey girl! How are you doing? I heard you got a new house! What is the address? I would love to visit sometime!” Kristina (Linda's friend) squealed.

“Well, I'll answer it all in order. Hi, good, yes that's true, 13B-” answered Linda.

“13B?! Are you out of your MIND?!?!” asked Kristina.

“Ummm, no I'm not out of my mind... what's so wrong about 13B?” replied Linda.

“Well, that house is haunted. You need to stay out of that house... and move!” said Kristina.

“Oh. My. God. H-h-h-h-h-h-haunted?” stammered Linda.

“Yes!!!” screamed Kristina.

“Okay got to go now,” said Linda.

She called the housekeeper and wanted to sell the house. But they said no. They didn't believe in haunted houses.

“But-” said Linda.

“No buts!” said the housekeeper.

“You're not my mother,” said Linda.

“I know, now GET LOST!” said the housekeeper.

“Rude.” She hanged up.

When she slept she got woken up... “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” screamed Linda

That was the last of Linda. Now years past and the police found her. They put up 'Do not cross' paper things.


“Hey I dare you to go in THAT house!” dared Fred.

“Oh dude, it's on,” said Charlie.

Charlie went in and screamed. Fred was suspicious and he went in as well. He saw Charlie dead. When he looked up-


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