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by Tanner

Khronos was lying on the stone ground. He opened his eyes, his body smeared with streaks of war paint. He arose, his hands covered in blood.

"What the? Who's there?" he yelled as a man in a long robe appeared.

"I," he began, his face only a small red light in the darkness," am Sish."

"W-where am I?" asked Khronos, his bleeding hands successfully pushing him up.

"Why, you are in Tartarus," exclaimed Sish.

"Huh?" said Khronos. "As you humans called it, the underworld."

"I-I don't belong here," said Khronos, looking at a gruesome face carved in a stone pillar. It had a river of lava oozing out of it. "I don't belong in this, this Hell."

"Oh dear boy, I escorted you here. Personally," said Sish, his forked tongue flipping out. "you can't escape. Oh yes, my friends will love to see you. Good bye," he said, his muscular body disappearing in a ball of flames.

Khronos looked onto the ground. There were two large swords, each with a sharpened blade. He grabbed their hilts and lifted them. That's when he saw them. Sish's "friends". Horrible creatures with twisted limbs and axes. They had heavy armor over their rough scaled chests. Khronos looked up, his eyes filled with fire. He had died as a warrior, and would fight as a warrior. He bolted forward, swords drawn. With a scream of agony, the first few creatures fell, haloed in a mist of gore.

Khronos slowly turned, his face swelled with rage. A giant creature was in front of him. It had the head of a snake and the body of a giant. It had on an iron breast plate and mail. It roared ferociously, challenging Khronos. Khronos ran forward, his blades shining with blood. He slung his first sword into the creature's arm, the second striking it hard in the neck. Khronos ripped the blade's out of the creature's flesh and mercilessly put the best down. looked beside him. Large mobs of armed monsters were charging for him.

Khronos lifted his swords and slammed them down, a large shockwave murdering the beasts. There were two more, on his left and right. Khronos jumped off the wall and bounced onto the ground, his blades crashing and causing a smaller shockwave. The two fell back, cascading off a small hill of stone and into a pit of lava. Another thing approached, a skeleton wrapped in a purple robe wielding a scepter with a blue crystal on top of it. He aimed it at Khronos.

Khronos lifted his blades, shielding a blast of purple light. It destroyed the blades. Khronos ran forward and tackled the thing, it's scepter rolling into the lava. Khronos raised his fist and punched his opponent, decapitating it. Khronos arose. He was surrounded. He balled his hands into a fist and made a decision. He would not die in Tartarus, but would not rest until he killed Sish's minions and Sish too.

He motioned for the beasts to attack. He gave a menacing look. "Come and get it."

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