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by Kirsten

One day a boy named Drew was having a horrible day! Everything was going all wrong. He got an F on math and reading and he was late for the bus. It was just a bad day.

He came home from school as fast as he could. He decided to take a shower to get his good normal self back. He got in and turned on the water as hot as it would get.

Then out of now where his iPod touch started to play his favorite Justin album, and the water started to get colder, and colder. He started to freak out so he just sang along with the music trying to stop the awkwardness. “U smile I smile.” He couldn't get out of his shower. The door was jammed shut, and the water was 70 degrees below zero.

Drew started to scream, but his parents (Pattie and Derek) couldn't get in through the window but it was shut. All they could see was a huge hole in the floor with fire coming out of it. Then in the corner of their eyes they saw a wolf with a big stick in his hands.

Drew broke open the door and got his towel, and saw his parents out the window. Pattie told Drew to get out as fast as he could but when he opened the door the wolf came out and pushed him back into the bathroom. Drew fell on the floor, then all of the sudden the wolf snapped his fingers and the hole came back. The wolf pushed him in and said, “bye.”

Once the scream of Drew started to fade Pattie and Derek fled the house and moved to Ontario, Canada with Justin.

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