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Just a Dream
by Byanca

When I was a child I used to spend a month every summer with my grandfather. He lived alone in a old large house.

My only thought was that I was going to spend a month in nobody’s village… just me and my grandfather. A terrible place for a holiday. Everything was strange…

One night, the garden was really scary in the moonlight, but I wasn’t scared. I heard a noise… Frightened, I went back to the house. A man was at the door. He told me that he wanted to go inside the house. I accepted and I opened the door, but when I turned around he wasn’t there anymore.

I ran towards my grandfather’s room. He was sleeping. I tried to wake him up, but it was impossible! I ran outside again, I was very scared, everything was dark and it was difficult to see anything.

I started to cry and I was looking around… Suddenly I heard a voice “Go away or I’ll kill you.”

I ran again to my grandfather’s room. When I opened the door the man with red eyes and large hair was there!

I tried to escape but the door was locked. I turned around and I was shocked because the man was my grandfather… he was walking towards me and he was leaving some blood spots behind. I fainted!

At the same time, I heard, “Wake up! You have had a nightmare! It’s time to pack your bags! Your grandfather is waiting for you.”

I was really scared. I opened my eyes and I was shocked, because I was in that room. I could see blood on the floor!

It wasn’t a dream!

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