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by Tanner

Jennifer Stokes walked casually down the halls of James E. Smith High. She opened up her notebook and began skimming over her history notes. Unexpectedly she bumped into someone. She looked up to see an almost pale skinned boy with long black hair.

"Sorry," she said, bending down to pick up the notebook she had dropped.

"Oh, don't think about it. I wasn't paying any attention," said the boy.

Jennifer realized the boy spoke with an English accent. Jennifer pondered for a moment what to say.

"I'm Jennifer," she said, extending a hand.

"Peter," he boy replied, shaking her hand.

"Well...Bye. Nice meetin' ya," she said, starting to walk off.

"Wait!" interjected Peter. "Do you want to meet after school at my house?" he asked, shoving a paper at her.

Jennifer eyed the paper and noticed it was his address. " Well, ummm...sure," she replied. Peter grinning, nodded with delight.

"Be there around eight," he said, beaming.

Jennifer only nodded and the two walked away. Jennifer walked to math class but couldn't help but think about Peter. Why around eight? she thought? He's kinda pale. Wonder if he's ever seen the sun, she thought. Then she busied herself scrawling notes and formulas in her notebook. The bell rang and students bolted for the door. Jennifer was last to leave. She was still thinking about Peter. She decided to erase Peter from her thoughts for the next five hours.

After three and a half hours at home Jennifer decided to look at the address from Peter. 3527 untoten drive. Untoten? she thought. Jennifer remembered that word from German. She couldn't remember what it meant though.

An hour later she decided to get on her bike and leave to Peter's house. When she arrived she saw that Peter was living in a large, dark, old two story house. It was on the outskirts of town and in front of a cemetery. Jennifer cautiously walked up to the front door and rapped her knuckles on the door. Almost instantly the door swung open to reveal Peter, dressed in a black suit with a black tie.

"Tun kommen," he said. Jennifer realized he was speaking German. She also realized his accent was no longer English. It was thicker. It was German.

"Vielen dank," she said.

Peter smiled with surprise. "You speak German?"

Jennifer nodded. "You sound different," she said.

Peter sat in a large leather armchair behind him. "Would you like me to be honest?" asked Peter.

"Of course," replied Jennifer. "I am not really Peter," he began. "I am Heinz Schneider."

"Heinz Schneider," repeated Jennifer.

"Would you like to sit?" asked Heinz.

"I'm fine, thank you," replied Jennifer.

Heinz eyed her angrily. "Sit." He said calmly.

"Oh thank you but I'm-"

"SITZEN," said Heinz angrily.

Jennifer tried not to show how fearful she actually was of Heinz and sat down in a small soft rocking chair beside a fireplace. What Jennifer saw in the fireplace made her jump. A faint face in the flickering flames. It was mouthing the words, "Escape."

"Umm I'm afraid I must leave," said Jennifer, quickly rising and heading for the door.

"Surely you would stay long enough for a glass of wine," said Heinz.

"No thanks," said Jennifer, going towards the door faster.


Jennifer couldn't move. She figured it was just fear but realized that she seemed to be glued in place. Suddenly, Jennifer began walking towards Heinz. She couldn't control herself. Heinz poured a bottle of wine into two glasses. He downed one and handed the other to Jennifer.

Trying to resist the force that made her move, but not doing a very good job, she lifted the glass to her lips and drank the wine. Heinz gave her three more glasses. She began to get dizzy and collapsed on the floor. Heinz, seemingly stronger than two full grown men, seized her by the wrist and yanked her up with no effort at all.

He sat and she collapsed in his lap. "I could smell your fear... It was... Intoxicating," he whispered gently into her ear.

Before feeling two horribly sharp teeth dig into her neck she remembered one thing:

Untoten was German for undead.

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