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Hungry Hollow Road
by Morgan

My friend Regan, her boyfriend Sean, and my friend Cara, and I were over at Regan's house one day, last summer, sitting in her room and trying to think of something interesting to do. So, we decided to call up Caleb and see if his brother could come pick us up and take us down Hungry Hollow Road. Caleb said sure, and that he and his brother would be down at around 8:30.

So, we got ready and waited for Paul and Caleb to come pick us up. They got there a little after 8:30. So we hopped into Paul's car, and drove down to our destination. We finally got there about 15 minutes later. Paul pulled over to the side of the road, and shut the car off.

Now, legend has it, that at night, if you go down there, you are supposed to be able to see the ghosts of children who died there during 'The Great Depression' of starvation and disease. So we waited about five minutes.

At first, nothing, but right as Caleb's brother, Paul, went to reach for the keys, to turn the car on, we began to here strange noises coming from outside. A distorted face appeared in the windshield. We all screamed. Caleb and I began seeing things, misty things, walk across the road.

"What in the world are you two looking at?" Regan asked.

We both pointed to the little ghost kids in front of us. Everyone in the car looked towards the road. These kids were moaning, and whimpering, and began WALKING TOWARDS US!!!

As quickly as he could, Paul started the car. "That's itů we'll find something less frightening to do, if not, boredom is better than this!" Paul screeched, frightened. Paul turned the car around and floored it. We went flying out of there. We've NEVER gone down that road for ANY REASON, EVER AGAIN!

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