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Halloween Night
by Tiffany and Mashiy

On a dark, stormy and scary Halloween night there was a group of 3 boys and 3 girls, the kids were: Bob, Sammy, Bobby, Dinesty, Tatyana and Jasmine.

Sammy had an idea for him and his friends to walk through the cemetery and then everyone raced to the cemetery. Bobby stopped when he heard a strange noise they all heard it. When it got louder, they looked around to see were it was.

Dinesty looked closer. She found a house that was near-by. They saw a light on in the house. They ran to it and they knocked on the door and the door flew open by itself with a hard crashing sound when it hit the wall.

They all were scared and backed up for like 10 seconds then Jasmine decided to go inside the house and investigate the house. Everyone agreed accept for Tatyana. Tatyana decided to stay outside while everyone went inside and when got inside the door closed.

Tatyana got scared and jumped. She folded her arms and sighed as she waited to her friends to come out. She turned to her left and saw a man and when he turned around, she saw that his head was bleeding from the back.

She turned around and quickly turned back around in fright and saw the man disappear. She felt like her heart was pounding out of her chest and her face turned pale and she screamed.

Her friends came out to ask her what was wrong. She explained to her friends what happened, then everyone walked around the cemetery to see if the man was still there. They didnít find anything and they went back to the exit and found the man.

He turned around. He was holding a head in his hand.

They ran home and they got to Bob's house and he asked his mom if they could sleepover for the night and she said yes.

The next morning was November first. They brushed their teeth, got dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast. Bob's mom turned on the TV. As the children sat down, they saw the TV news reporter say that a man they saw yesterday night had died 15 years ago and died on Halloween night which was his day of death.

The kids looked at each other in fright and they decided to never speak of it again.

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