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by Ethan

One time a boy named Mitch wanted to go down to a graveyard to see his grandpa's grave. His grandpa had died five years ago. He had always been very nice to Mitch. Mitch wanted to see him because he was his favorite grandpa. Mitch just really loved his grandpa.

Mitch left to see him around midnight. It was dark out with a full moon. He finally found his grandpa's grave. It was very big and had his name on it. Mitch said some words and then started dancing because he was so happy.

After Mitch was done dancing he heard a weird noise. He looked around and saw his grandpa coming out of his grave. Mitch's grandpa looked at Mitch and said “Thank you for freeing me.” Mitch said “Your welcome.” He didn't know that his grandpa killed whoever danced on his grave.

The next thing Mitch knew his grandpa was chasing after him. Mitch hid behind a tombstone but his grandpa found him. He started running again and jumped in a car. The people in the car took Mitch home. He got home opened the front door and saw his grandpa inside his house.

Mitch ran back down to the graveyard. He looked around at all of the graves. He saw something very frightening, a grave with his name on it. He walked over to it and his grandpa jumped out from behind it. His grandpa grabbed him and put him down in the grave.

His grandpa thought of something. He said “that was my grandson.” He became so sad he died right on top of Mitch's grave.

That is weird because he was already dead!

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