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Goodbye Jason
by Veronica

Kelly walked down the lonely path towards her home. The only thing she could think about was her life. Her life was pathetic. Everyone hated her including her dad. The only person that liked her a little bit was her mother. But why would they like her, I mean she was lazy, clumsy, and just plain down right weird. Surprizingly, she had a boy friend.

One day, as she was walking home from school, he drove up to her in his convertable and said he would drop her home. Reluctant to take the bus, she got in without asking any questions, but instead of driving her home, he drove her to a lake and told her to get out. Curious she got out, that's when he pushed her in the lake and told her how pathetic she was.

"WERE THROUGH!" he yelled "YOU HERE ME?!"

She just sobbed, got out of the lake, dried herself off and walked the rest of the way home. When she got there, she took a long hot soak in the tub and she stayed there.

It had been a whole hour ever since she had gone in! Her parents started to rap at the door furiously.

"YOUR WASTING THE WATER," her father screamed.

Finally he managed to break down the door. There they found her in a pool of blood in the bathtub. DEAD.

A few weeks later, the boyfriend was taking a shower, when all of the sudden she came out of the drain all bloody and rotting and said "goodbye jason".

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