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The Ghostly Orphanage
by Annie

Anne was an orphan. Her parents had gone to a party one night, and they never came home. 3 days later, they were pronounced dead.

When she arrived at the orphanage, her caretaker just dropped her off and then sped off.

"How strange", she thought.

No one was there. She tried the front and back doors, but they were locked. She stood on her tip toes to look inside the window. Everything was covered in sheets. It was obvious that the orphanage was closed down.

She had called her caretaker to pick her back up, but was only able to leave a message on her cell phone.

It was almost 10:00 Pm. She didn't know what to do. Suddenly, she heard a ball bouncing. She looked up at the window in the orphanage. THE LIGHTS WERE ON! She now heard jump ropes, laughter, bouncing balls, and all kinds of joyful noises.

She stepped inside. She saw everyone playing and laughing. She went to the front desk. "Where did everyone come from?" Anne asked the lady. She made a mental note that she looked rather pale.

"We were always here. You just can't see us in the day because you're alive," the pale lady replied.

"Excuse me?"

"You're alive. We have been dead a long time. And now because you are living, you cannot leave. Everyone stays here. NO ONE leaves, especially the living..."

Annie rushed to the door to get out. She yanked the handle as hard as she could. Nothing. She screamed for help, but of course no one heard.

A little skeleton hand tugged at the edge of her skirt. "Don't worry, it won't take you long to become one of us. You'll starve to death soon enough," the little skeletal girl said.

"Someone HELP me! I have to get OUT of here!" Anne shrieked.

The caretaker came at about 11:30. She found Anne resting under a tree. She hardly looked like anything more than bones. Anne had starved to death in no more than a day.

Occasionally, a child holding his or her Mom's hand will walk by the Orphanage. They will see the lights on, and hear the laughter. From the outside, you'd almost want to live there. From the inside, it's a whole other story....

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