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Ghost of Johanlanden
by Aashman

Once upon a time there was a child called as Johanlanden He grew to be a very intelligent and a bright child, but his family was very poor. His parents could not afford much for his studies, so he helped his parents one day. As he was selling something, he met a man who asked him if he was interested in selling newspapers.

The next day he told this to his parents and they gave him permission to apply for the job. He met that man and he applied for the job, then the man bought him a bike and then Johalanden started selling newspapers early in morning and late at night.

One day when he was selling a newspaper there was a weird man standing there. That weird man told him that your family will be awarded if you have the guts to go inside that old wooden house as there was a mystery behind that house. The owner of the house died, but after some days his relatives went in that house and the saw a spirit and they never came out.

So, one day, Johanlanden went in that house and when he opened the doors of the house a bunch of bats came out and a lamp lit by itself and he saw a lot of spiders and their webs. As he went inside the house, he saw a paper that read: night strikes twice, day strikes once.

He walked outside the room. He saw two men standing and one woman. From that day, it is said that Johanlanden was still alive and he never came out of that house. He was searching for that weird man. His parents died and they are searching for Johanlanden.

Whoever gets in their way, they come with them and search for Johanlanden. They never found Johanlanden.

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