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Get to the Light
by Eia

It was a calm not so cold night, late August, and a summer shower was just starting to blow in.

I had just left my friendís house a was walking home as fast as I could, for I was then afraid of the dark (well now I am more). As I started down the 156th street, I heard something move up ahead, and froze.

I convinced my self that it was just my imagination, for it normally was, but now walked a little faster.

Again the rustle came from the bushes, but this time behind me. Again I walked faster, almost in a jog, I was sure it was my imagination.

As I passed through a spot where the street lights welcoming arms could not reach, I heard the noise again. I began to sprint now, with the same sentence pounding in my head, "just get to the light!"

At about 20 meters from the light up ahead, a noise came from behind as if something had just jumped from the bushes, and I could hear what sounded like 4 padded feet running behind me.

I ran faster and faster and faster, screaming in my head, "GET TO THE LIGHT!". The sound of padded feet sped up and came closer and closer. "GET TO THE LIGHT!" I knew this wouldn't solve anything, but in some odd way it would reassure me when I saw what was coming.

The sound of padded feet became louder, and scraped against the asphalt as if it had opened up it's claws.

"GET TO THE LIGHT!" I ran as fast as I could reaching my hands out it some false hope that the light would pull me in.

I was screaming it now, "GET TO THE BLOODY LIGHT, PLEASE GET TO THE LIGHT"! I lept the last 2 meters and fell onto the street. I braced myself for the sharp teeth before they broke my skin. Clenching my teeth I listened for the snarl from an animal finally catching it's kill. I waited. I waited and waited.

But nothing came, no snarl, no teeth, no pain. Looking up I looked around at my surroundings, but there was nothing but a street sign, some trees and the night. I sat there for 20 minutes shivering and shaking from fear at the same time.

I was so frightened I hadn't noticed a car pull up. My mom called from the window and I got in and went home.

The next day I got a call from one of my friends saying I needed to meet her at her house down the street, saying she had found my cell phone. When I got to her house she walked with me to where she found it and I thanked her.

As I turned around I noticed giant clawed paw prints in the gravel by the side of the road, but the odd thing was that they just stopped right under light pole, the exact spot were we found my phone...

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