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by Bart

Hello! I'm Bart and this is my story. All of this happened a couple of weeks ago. You see, my parents are film artists and I often stay home by myself. My parents bought this house for their next horror movie, but there was a problem. You See, I have to stay here all night by myself!

This is what happened. When I got to sleep, I woke up in about ten minutes because I felt something lick me. I heard a drip, drip. I got up and went into the bathroom. Aha, the tap was on. I turned it off and went back to sleep, then I woke up again because of the same thing… a drip, drip.

I got up, went outside and turned off the water supply, so even if a tap was on nothing would happen. I went back to sleep and woke up again! This time I realized that it was coming from the attic. I went up with a flashlight and saw my dog up there bleeding. That was the dripping sound. I brought him down out of the attic and heard a crash of broken glass. I went down to find out what was making such a racket and found the door on its hinges and muddy foot prints on the ground. They could have been from a very large dog.

I called the police and they came over and studied the footprints and they managed to get a blood sample. They told me that it was a wolf. I was Shocked! I didn’t tell them about the mysterious thing that licked my FACE!!!

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