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by Julia

One night a football team had just won a game. They were coming home to celebrate their win and went over a bridge that a kid died on while walking home. People said that it was haunted but the football players didn't care. They went over and saw a dead man on the bridge. One of the coaches went out to help him when the dead man awoke. The coach tried to help him up, but his hands went through. He ran back to the car. The bus driver locked the door and the windows.

The dead person fell back and everyone heard a laugh then a splash. The bus driver tried to drive forward but the front of the bridge fell. He tried to drive back but the back ledge fell. They were stopped and couldn't move. Unless they wanted to fall to their death.

Then another car came and the team tried to stop them but they were already dead. The team was scared and hungry and thirsty. The driver made a discussion that one of the players would go out and test it.

One of the players went out and tested it and it was just an illusion. But then something grabbed his leg and pulled him under and flash he came up and looked normal but he was dead. And the man who grabbed him took the player under in a flash. The dead man took his organ out and put his body inside the player and went up the bus and told them to go forward so the driver did and the bus went forward and crashed. Every one died.

Now people say at night you can feel the shaking from the football players!

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