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by Courtney

Once there was a beautiful girl. Her name was Tirena. She had Red hair, hazel eyes, and loved fire. She was spoiled rotten and had everyone fighting all the time!!!

Well, one day she asked for a dog, sorta rare, a red Chihuahua. Her dad replied, "Sure honey, but why something so rare?"

She simply replied, "Because, Daddy, it's red, the color of fire, and it's fierce like the touch of flame."

Well, she got her dog. It was a newborn chihuahua. It weighed 6 ounces and was sickly, underweight.

The breeder told the dad, "The dog will die. It was the runt. The only one in the world that was red."

The dad said, "We will take it to the vet. They can help!"

"No they can't. The dog has a parvo. It is fatal."

The dad didn't care as long as Tirena was happy.

Well, that night, the dog died after Tirena went to sleep. The dad quickly buried the dog.

Tirena awoke wondering were her dog was. Her dad said that he thought it had somehow got out the door. She cried and cried.

She locked herself in her room. Her dad went to check on her. He used a key and unlocked the door. When he looked in her room, he found Tirena burned - her face was black and peeling and her body was bright red and peeling.

It is told that if you go hiking in the Appalachin Mountians at night you can see a burnt girl wearing a red night gown searching for her dog. Others say she will ask you if you've seen her dad and to tell him her name is now Firena Bencil.

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