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Dollies Dearest
by Alaina

There once was a girl named Krissy. She had a fascination with dolls. She had a huge collection that took up a walls worth of shelves. She would brush their hair and dress them up and stay all day up in her room with them, talking to them.

Her parents were worried about her. She never held sleepovers, in fear that one of her friends would break one of her precious dolls. She never got rid of any of her dolls and would be overjoyed when she got a new one. She continued her strange behavior until she was an adult. By then she began to lose interest. She got married and put all of her dolls into storage in the basement of her new house.

One day, when she was unpacking vases and china plates, she heard a faint giggle. She put down her vase and followed the sound to the basement. She turned on the light and looked around. Nothing out of the ordinary. As she turned to leave, a strange string of events happened. The lights went out, the basement door shut, and one of the boxes in which some of her dolls had been in toppled over.

She stumbled blindly through the dark, searching for the stairs so that she could get out of the darkness.

More giggles. They got closer.

She was frantic by now running around the basement like an idiot, searching for the stairs. Ah ha! She clutched the railing of the stairs and quickly began to climb up. Something caught on to her leg. Krissy began to kick, trying to get it off. It didn't work. Soon more tiny hands began to dig their little fingers into her leg. It almost seemed like they were biting her.

She ignored it and ran up the stairs to the door. It was locked. She started screaming, screaming for her husband to come and open the door. He did after a few seconds, but by then the things on her leg had crawled up to her waist, biting, clawing, and nipping at her the whole time. He helped her up into the light. About ten dolls had crawled up to her neck! Krissy screamed as her husband batted them off one by one.

When they were all off they ran to their car and sped away to the hospital to treat the many cuts and tiny bite marks all the way from her feet to her neck. And they never went back to that house.

A while later, a new family arrived a the house with a daughter who loved dolls to. You wouldn’t believe how excited she was when she found dolls covering the basement floor... But that’s another story.

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