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Do Not Enter the Forest
by Lori

Last thing I remember before waking up here staring at my lifeless body. It was about mid-day, when I decided to take a stroll into the forest near my house. I stepped into the trees and kept walking until my house was out of sight. After about 20 minutes I started hearing my name. It started as a whisper, then grew louder and louder until it was almost a scream. I looked around franticly, desperate to find out what could be in the middle of the forest calling my name.

This is when I noticed a young girl, around the age of 14, sitting against a tree with her head in her knees, crying. I approached her slowly, saying "what's wrong?". After 5 awkward minutes of me standing there staring at her. She looked up. I instantaneously noticed that she was no normal girl. She had fangs and had a drip of blood running down her chin.

That's when I blacked out. Now I'm here staring at my lifeless body. I can see I was bleeding a lot. There was two marks on here neck where her fangs had been. It was nighttime now, maybe 11 p.m. Suddenly my sister appeared, she obviously had noticed my body. She gasped and ran to check my pulse. I was dead. Then the young girl appeared same as before she was sitting next to a tree crying into her knees. My sister, being the helper that she is, walked up to the girl. I quickly looked away.

When I looked back my sister was there, lifeless. Then my sister, same as me, was now a ghost. She looked at me and began crying. We sat there, two dead sisters, crying in the middle of the forest.

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