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Dinner for 3. 2. 1. Part 2
by Sophie

When we were looking around for Hannah I noticed another note. It read, 'Welcome to the kitchen! We are sorry for you friend. She had some problems.' I stared at the note wondering what "Problems" she had.

"OH MAN!!!" Yelled Sarah. "I knew this was a bad idea!!!"

"Calm down!" I said. "Its probably a prank."

Sarah nodded. We noticed some food on the counter.

"Ooh! Food!" Sarah said. She ran to the food.

"NO! DON'T!!!" I yelled. She paused. "The food might be bad. Just saying."

I noticed a black shadow sitting on a chair, slouching. "Hannah?" I said. The chair swiveled around. Then it started moving closer to me. I stared at the chair. I started to run. "HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLP!" I screamed. Then the chair stopped. I stopped. Sarah stopped. The whole world seemed to stop. I tried to move but I was stuck. Frozen. Its just like these creepy dreams when you can't move! I thought. I heard footsteps coming closer. Closer. I felt a icy cold hand grab my shoulder. I cringed. The hand moved off my shoulder and wondered over to Sarah. I heard a loud snap and then a bloodcurdling scream. Then it all went silent.

I finally was able to move! I turned around and saw Sarah in a heap on the floor. Dead. I kept silent. Then I heard crunching. I started to look for the cart but it was to dark. BANG! The cart topple over and made something move in the darkness. It looked at me. I screamed. It had red eyes. I ran but then I hit a wall. I started to cry. My life is over. My friends are dead. I'm going to die. I think I broke my nose. I thought. Then everything went blank.

I woke up sick and drowsy. I saw Sarah standing up. "Sarah?" I said drowsily.

"Yes?" She said.

"Oh thank God you're okay!" I yelled. Then I fell.

"Are you okay, Sophie?" Sarah asked.

"Something pushed me."

To be continued.....

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