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Dinner for 3. 2. 1. Part 1
by Maddie

Hi, I'm Lily! My story starts now.... I was walking home from school when I saw a beaten old house. A sign next to the house said, 'Dinner Friday the 13th, at 9:00 P.M. Anyone's invited!' I looked at my calender when I got home.

"That's tomorrow!" I said. I called my best friends Sarah and Hannah. They said they would come. So I went to bed and thought about the dinner party. I looked at a shadow and laughed. Then I fell asleep.

The next day I went to school and talked to my friends, then went home to get ready. The time came when it was time for the dinner party. Knock knock! I opened the door and saw Sarah and Hannah. "I'm ready!" I said.

We walked to the house. When we got there, Sarah said, "Uh. This is creepy."

"Don't worry. My grandma knew the person who lived here!" Hannah said.

I said nothing.

"It's Friday the 13th!" Sarah said. I laughed nervously. Sarah knocked on the door. I knocked again. Hannah Knocked on the door. It creaked open.

"Helloooo?" I said. It echoed into the house.

"SHHHH!" Sarah said.

We walked inside. The door shut behind us. I tried to open the door.

"Won't budge" I said. We saw a button in the middle of the room. It was gold. I picked it up. We looked around.

"I see the kitchen!" Hannah yelled from across the room. I cringed. WHOOSH!

"What was that?!" We all yelled. A cart wheeled out of nowhere. A note on the cart said, 'I'm sorry we were unable to clean up the house. We like the way it looks. But to other people, maybe not. To take you to the improved kitchen go in the cart and you will be taken there.'

Hannah hopped in. She was wheeled on in a second.

"HANNAH!!!" Me and Sarah screamed.

Another cart pulled up and we hopped in. It wheeled us into the darkness. When we finished we looked for Hannah.

To be continued....

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