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by Alex

One cold, dark night about a week away from Halloween, there was a family that lived near the countryside. They lived in a nice, cozy house with a mother, father, daughter, and son. The family's last name was Curtis. The family suffered some financial problems. That day the grandmother was murdered brutally, but no one had found any evidence of who might have murdered her; her husband had died weeks earlier.

When the funeral was over, the family traveled back home. The doorbell rang, it was uncle Jarvis, and he left them some things that the grandmother had left them before she was killed. In the box of stuff was a creepy doll. The mother put the doll away in a closet.

The next day while the kids were at school, the mom was working on bills. At the corner of her eye she saw something, it was the doll. The mom said, “That's strange, I thought I put you in the closet.”

So she put it back in the closet, but before she put it in the closet, she examined the doll, she opened the doll's mouth, and she noticed the doll had strange, sharp teeth. The doll bit down on her finger, almost cutting it off, but she got it out of it's mouth in time. This time the mother put it in a box with a padlock.

That night the kids were at a slumber party and the father was working late, so the mother was alone in bed. She heard a noise so she turned on the lights. There stood the doll with a knife in its hands, and its mouth open.

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