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Demon Haunting
by Kyra

One day a 13 year old boy named Randy and his father found out they had skeleton bones in their basement, and called a psychic anthropologist who said to bury them up again.

Randy and his dad didn't want to, but they did. The next day Randy went to the library and checked out a book about spirits and ghosts. He read that if you summon a spirit it can tell you where the treasure is. Then that night, he summoned a spirit, but nothing happened, so he thought he didn't summon a spirit.

When he went to bed that night, he heard music and his mother came in and said turn the radio off, but he said he didn’t have one. Then his little sister came in and asked her mom, "Why is there music?" Mom said, "Randy was just playing his radio too loud. Go back to bed and I'll be there in a second.” Randy told his mom that he tried to summon a spirit and said it could be grandma because she likes to play music. His mom went into little sister's room and tucked her in.

That night Randy heard growling and stuck his hand out and he felt a bite, but nothing was there. The next morning he told his mom about it when she was cooking breakfast. Then when his little sis was watching T.V., he heard scratching inside the closet door. He came with his mom and went to take a look and his mom leaned her ear close to the door and something grabbed her cheek and pulled her face to the door from inside. Randy’s little sis saw it happen and then Randy pulled her off.

They called a spirit taker and went outside and tried to get it to go away, but the more he tried the harder the wind blew. The demon jumped up in little sis' window and she screamed.

The next morning, Randy went to try to get his hair cut, but just couldn't stop thinking what’s gonna happen, but then he got pulled back and pushed out of his chair. He was possessed and the hair cutter put a cross right at his heart and said words over and over again, then nothing ever happened again.

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