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There once was a boy named Davey
by Summer

There once was a boy named Davey. Davey was a lonely boy who always saw the glass half empty. Davey had just moved to a new house on Reaper Street with his dad. He remembered how the landlord had acted earlier that day when she gave them the key to the house, It almost looked like she had a tear roll down her cheek, and then she did something really strange.

She ran away!

“How odd” thought Davey. Davey's dad told him that he'd love the new house. If only mom was here, thought Davey. Mom had been gone 3 years now. That stupid car accident!

The house was a shabby white. Davey noticed the flaking white paint, the falling shingles and the holes in the porch. What a reck! Davey and his dad went inside and unloaded.

Later that night when Davey was lying in bed, looking at a picture of his mom, he felt a poke. Then he heard a voice. “tick-tock, you aren't going to sleep til' I stop!”

That night was a long and weary one. Toss and turn, this way and that. “Tick- tock, you aren't going to sleep til?' I stop!”

The next morning Davey at the breakfast table, Davey asked his dad how he slept. His dad said, “Great.” Davey mentioned to his dad about the voice and his restless night. His dad told Davey about the new school and how much he's going to like it.

Davey and his dad set out to look at the little run down town. There was a post office, bar, small bakery, and a few houses. “Nothing compared to our old town,” said Davey. Then the twosome returned home and relaxed.

That night Davey brushed his teeth and hopped into bed thinking happy thoughts. Then the voice returned. “Tick-tock, you aren't going to sleep til' I stop!”

The mysterious voice kept saying that over and over again. Then the voice said something that it had never said before. “Tick-tock, you aren't going to sleep til' I stop. Which is NEVER!”

Then everything went black. Some say Davey ran away, but we all know what happened. Davey DIED! Now if you pass by the white house on Reaper Street you can hear a screaming. That's all!

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