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Crow Invasion
by George

A long time ago a boy was born by his mother Hermione and father Frank.

When the boy was 2 years old, Hermione and Frank decided to name him Will. Before they were about to baptise him, thousands of crows flew into the temple, killing, biting, and breaking everything in their way.

The next morning the church was set on fire by some crows. Later that day the firemen came and put out the fire. A few hours later they heard a baby crying. A brave fire man came running couragiously to its rescue. It had been burnt severely.

Later that day, they got it to a hospital to treat his burns. After Will was 12 years old, he left the hospital with the brave fireman. Thirty minutes later they were at Will's house, but nobody opened the door because the whole family died in the fire. So, the fireman told Will his name. The fireman's name was David Fisher Jr.

The next morning... David introduced Will to his wife Stephanie Fisher. Stephanie was a song writer and also a very talented singer. Her band of 4 was very famous and earned $40,000,000 each month. Each month they split the money equally amongst themselves.

David, Stephanie, and Will lived in a mansion that Stephanie and David bought when they had their first child Eddie, who died at the age of one year. He died from mutation and tumors almost everywhere in his tiny body. However, David and Stephanie soon forgot and now live like it never happened.

Well, now, Will is living with David and Stephanie who are all happy, until one morning Stephanie was attacked by the black crows while she was driving. She collided with a gasoline transporter, a garbage truck, and 2 taxies. Once David and Will knew they rushed to see her. They reached the area and David asked her what had happened.

She replied, "The cr..ow..ssssss..uehk!" in a scary dieing way. David and Will were crying.

Later that night, it was dinner time, David and Will were starving. They left the house and went out to eat. They went to Burger King and they both ordered a Whopper with fries and coke with ice.

The cashier asked, "Here or to go?" They waited for the meal, payed the cashier and ran off with the meals. While they were running they noticed that crows were flying above their heads, so they ran even faster, as fast as they could, but they couldn't out run the mischeavous crows because the were almost everywhere they were.

A few minutes later, they arrived at their house and ran to the door, opened it, went in slammed the door shut, blocked all the windows, got lots of batteries and flashlights, turned all the lights off, found a big pop up tent, got water and snacks, a cell phone, and slept in the tent for a whole week.

After that week David went shopping for guns, glow sticks, batteries, flashlights, walkie talkies, snacks, water bottles, and he called some of his friends over for help.

In the morning...they were all well prepared for any thing that could happen exept for death itself. By night time the crows had come well prepared too, they got more renfocements.

Later that night, Will, David and his friends spotted the evil crows and the crows had spotted them in the house. The crows made their move and attacked the house. They were coming from the fire place, Will hid in the tent with a colt45 in his hands, he felt so invincible not even death could scare him. Soon David had a match and took out the Crazy String spray from the kitchen and some fire wood from the fire place, threw it in, sprayed the Crazy String in the fire place, made a line with it, lit the match, then he had lit the line.

The fire place was lit and all the crows were burning and dieing. The fire place had remained lit for over a week. After that week David went out to get amunition for the guns, some armor, batteries, scare crows, lots of wood and nails, food, water, first aid kits, and tissue.

in the end they all died, exept the crows.

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