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Contact with Spirits
by Cynthia

One day, I was in my grandmotherís house, because my mother was in the hospital. She was very ill.

I was sleeping in the room with my grandmother and my son. The house was very calm.

At 2 o'clock at night when my family was asleep, I felt a weight on my feet, in this moment I thought that the weight was my son, but I opened my eyes and I saw a white shadow that was moving.

I was scared. At that moment my grandmother said, "Don't worry, it is your mother that is scared.ď I didn't understand.

In the morning, I was alone in the house. I didn't remember what had happened at night.

Later the doors started to move and the windows, too. I heard noises and voices, the strange thing was that there was nobody around.

The voices said, "Help Carolina, HELP!"

I was very frightened then I rang my son, but his phone rang in the house, he hadn't taken his phone. I wanted to leave the house, but the door didn't open. Out of desperation, I stared to cry. Next I remembered the words that my grandmother had said the night before.

Later, I saw a figure, "Mum?" I said. It was the figure of my mum. She told me, "Don't worry daughter, I didn't want to do anything to you. I love you, goodbye."

In this moment my grandmother and my son arrived, my son had red eyes and his face was pale. Nobody told me anything, but I started to cry and some time later I said, "Mum is dead".

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