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Cincera's Story
by Su

How would you feel when you realize that you are not a human? What would you do when it is the truth? Accept the truth or ...? Well, this story is about a girl called Cincera Keblonge Magie. She forgot what happened 4 years ago, the past. It's just like you got a car accident and can't recall your past anymore. Her story is really sad but I promise there will be a happy ending!

Cincera and Tegan really got on well. They were sisters as well as best friends. However, the day has come for them to separate but it's not that bad. Whenever Cincera went to her neighbor’s house, she felt that she was not living. And the thing she really hates is, nobody would answer back to her not even her parents. Well, she really felt lonely sometimes when Tegan was not there with her but when Tegan is with her, she never felt that way. And yeah, don't get me wrong. One day, Cincera was rummaging through her newspaper shelves when suddenly she saw her picture on the newspaper.

She was really surprise when she saw the words on the newspaper:


DIED AT 2007 / 17/ 2

She couldn't read on longer. Teardrops fell on the newspaper. Then, she ran to Tegan and Tegan wept and told her the truth: She Was Dead ....

And at once she knew that she was a ghost, she cried a lot because she did not want to separate with Tegan. However, she could stay.

I told you the ending would be happy, right?


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