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A Story About Cecilia Grey
by Lexy

Once upon a time there was a very bad little girl named Cecilia. She collected demons in her closet and every time someone visited her she sent home at least 2 demons with her visitor.

These demons taught the children how to think and read scary stories. Because of this, the children had nightmares about ghosts, goblins in their closets, monsters and other horrible things the demons taught them.

She didnít care. She wanted to be famous at the cost for anything. When Cecilia was very little she was a very pretty little girl. She invited children to come over and she told them she had angels in her closet and sent 2 home with them, but the truth was that they were pretending to be angels, they were really demons; they would terrify the children; which made the little girl very happy.

The longer she did this terrible thing to children and the older she got the uglier and scarier looking she got.

After many years of her darkness and friendship with demonizing children, she turned to a demon called the behemoth. After she died she turned into a giant serpent with a fire in her belly the size of she sun where bad people and other demons go and burn for a million years, and everyone will forget them. The behemoth only had her screams for nourishment.

So beware all you children. There are no ghosts, only angels and demons here...

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