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by Lucy

“Can we go?” Carly complained.

“No, this is going to be the best Halloween ever.”

“Toilet papering the inside of a house. I don't find that exiting. I've heard of doing that to the outside of houses, but the inside? With the McAllister’s home?”

“They will never Know,” said Lanie.

“But what if we get caught? They'll call the police!!!”

“Hah! Those old things? They wouldn't wake up if I yelled with a bullhorn in their ear!!!”

“This isn't exactly the birthday I had planned for,” muttered Carly.

“Oh, come on, Car. 13! A teenager!”

“Yea,” Carly said quietly.

“Look if it makes you feel any better, you don't have to go. Be a chicken. I don't care. You can't ruin my Halloween.”

“Fine I'll go. But it just doesn't seem right.”

“A lot of things don't seem right to you Carly. Give me the backpack.”

“Why? What do you need?“

“I can't open the door without a lock picking kit can I?”

“Oh, I'm sooo sorry.”

“Just give it to me.”

Lanie fiddled with the lock, when at last the door creaked open.

“Good thing they have oil on the hinges,” Carly whispered.

“Oh thank God,” muttered Lanie.

Lanie stepped into the house with Carly following.

“You get the kitchen,” Lanie said, handing Carly a roll.

Carly crept nervously into the kitchen. She peeked into the living room, only to see Lanie throwing handfuls of toilet paper on the China cabinet and table. Carly carefully placed the roll on a table. She looked around the room. Was she seeing something? Yes!! A figure holding a candle was slowly making it's way down the stairs…

...down the stairs!

Carly did the only thing she could think of. She hid behind a huge, garbage can. It was the biggest she had ever seen, yet the Mcallisters had collected many odd things in the years they had been living in Paul Street.

She peeked out behind the trashcan. She could not see Lanie. Suddenly, she heard a gasp come from the kitchen. Carly peered out from the side of the trashcan and saw Mr. Mcallister. Staring at her. She ran as fast as her legs would allow her to the door.

She saw Lanie following close behind. She reached for the doorknob. It was locked. She saw Mr. Mcallister dialing a number on the phone. The police, thought Carly, swallowing. She looked around for the nearest window and jumped out, landing on the lawn below.

Lanie followed, then grabbed Carly and dragged her into the Cave house.

“No! No!" she screamed, but she was just a helpless bundle in Lanie's arms. She forced her eyes to stay shut. She could hear the thump of Lanie's feet, when Lanie ran up the stairs. Finally, Lanie dropped her on a hard wood floor, gasping for breath - Carly noticed Lanie's breath was cut short. Carly's eyes opened.

What she saw was a green mist and as real as the blood that dripped down Lanie's face and arms. Carly heard wind like noises. The only thing she remembered after that was the sound of Lanie screaming, leaving the room, leaving her to die.

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